Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hump-Day Quickie: A Wonderful Breakfast has multiple check marks next to the title, so it must be good

Edit: Have you heard of the Weekend Potluck? A lot of people who do fancier things than I do are in it, and as of last night so am I!

We on A Book of Cookrye have had a long night. You see, being tired of the oven smelling like something's burning every time we turned it on, I decided it clearly needed cleaning, so I started the cycle at night (when it's cool enough to open the house). It wasn't thirty minutes before the smoke turned yellow and the kitchen was in a deep fog. The little window on the oven door got so smoked it turned opaque. Vaguely remembering that yellow smoke is a sign of something or other that I'm pretty sure is ominous, I turned it off and accepted that I'd be scouring it myself.
Have you ever cleaned an oven? I don't mean wipe up a spill or two, I mean scoured off a really stuck-on layer of burnt, rancid grease while muttering furiously how the hell did my oven get this nasty? Well, if you spend 2 hours, 2 boxes of baking soda, every rag in the house, and half of the big jug of vinegar before it's clean enough to make it clean itself, you'll decide you deserve...
Woman's Club of Fort Worth Cook Book, 1928

Heck yes.


  1. Five years later, I am laughing out loud.

    Also, love every one of your posts. Please don't stop.