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Oatmeal Carmelitas: or, Yes, we still have Halloween candy

Ever had those recipes that you've been wondering about for a long time but never made? Well, we at A Book of Cookrye decided to bring out one of those and see if we would regret letting it sit so long unmade.

Oatmeal Carmelitas
½ c butter
¾ c light brown sugar
½ tsp soda
Pinch salt
1 c flour
1 c oatmeal
¼ c milk
7 oz (25 or so) caramels

Heat oven to 350°. Line a 9" round cake pan with foil, then grease it. (You don't technically have to use foil, but you'll be glad you did.)
Cream the butter and sugar. Mix in the soda and salt. Then add the flour, mixing well. Lastly, add the oatmeal. Mix well.
Divide the dough in half. Set one portion aside, then press the other half into the bottom of the pan. The easiest way to do this is to sprinkle it over the bottom of the pan like you're doing a crumb topping, then pat and press it until it is flat and has no holes. Bake it for 10 minutes.
Meanwhile, melt the caramels in the milk. You can do it over medium heat stirring constantly, or you can microwave it and stir every 30 seconds.
When the crust is baked, pour the melted candy over it, tilting the pan to spread it out. Then sprinkle the remaining cookie dough over it as a crumb topping. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until lightly browned on top.
They're easiest to cut while still warm, but not right out of the oven as you'll get a sticky mess.

Best Recipes from the Backs of Boxes, Bottles, Cans, and Jars, Ceil Dyer, 1992

Those looking to save time can do what other versions of the same recipe do: skip the bother of melting candy and just open a jar of caramel syrup. However, we at A Book of Cookrye have discounted Halloween candy!
Oh heck yes.
We at A Book of Cookrye have a particularly deep-set weakness for discounted holiday candy. We regularly go to the candy aisle every November 1st for trick-or-treat candy, December 26 for chocolate Santas... you get the idea. One of our fondest memories was when we got to the CVS right as they opened on November 1st one year and thus were there as they were moving the contents of the Halloween aisle to the discount bins. The employees took to stopping where we stood as they carried bags of candy and asking "Were you going to want these?" before depositing them with the other things on clearance. Rarely do we have the glorious experience of having shop attendants proffer merchandise to us and furthermore getting everything half off. Another year, we and a group of friends went into the supermarket on December 26. One of the cashiers pointed and said "It's all over that way" before we were all through the door.
 We've often thought of doing a Year of Asynchronous Candy should we ever do entertaining. What better way to celebrate love of discounts than to give heart-shaped chocolate boxes to everyone who came over for Easter and candy pumpkins on Christmas?
Incidentally, this cookie dough is so good.

You should know that even if you skip the melted candy filling, this makes pretty good cookies. Just press it in the pan and then cut it into squares after baking.

All right, this is where we get to the good part of this recipe! Are you as excited as you should be?
This is gonna be so good....

We at A Book of Cookrye don't know why this brought us such an inexplicable amount of joy. But it did.

At this point we were giggling to ourselves in ecstatic, anticipating-a-divoon-sugar-high glee.
Oh boy oh boyohboyohboy....

As a brief note, if you can somehow restrain yourself from either licking the bowl of melted candy or dripping some over ice cream, you have no soul.
La vie, c'est si bon!

I don't think there's any point in saying how divoon these are because it should be obvious. You owe it to yourself to make them. Seriously, go get some fun-sized candy bars and do it. Also, we at A Book of Cookrye think the added chocolate coating made this a lot better than had we used plain caramels. So if you don't have any caramel Milky Ways waiting for you at the store, throw in a handful of chocolate chips.
Incidentally, one person thought these tasted a lot like pecan pie.

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