Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Hump-Day Quickie: Ice Cream Pie!

Today on A Book of Cookrye, we present one of the easiest recipes I've ever done! 

I didn't want to permit the carton of cream we bought in the name of lemon cream cookies to go to waste. You may remember that the recipe uses only one spoonful of the stuff, leaving us with an entire carton (minus one tablespoon) of cream threatening to expire. We also had some cookies that had gone stale but were still perfectly good(ish), just waiting to get pulverized and then elevated to a higher purpose:

Ice Cream Pie
1 pint cream
¾ c powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla
⅛ tsp salt
1 graham cracker or cookie crumb pie crust

Mix first four ingredients. Taste, and add a bit more vanilla or sugar if desired. Then whip until stiff peaks form. Pour and spread into the pie crust, and freeze overnight. After the pie is frozen, cover it tightly.
Obviously you can add things like fruit juice, cocoa powder, or anything else you like. If you want to add fruit, chop it finely or it will turn into hard ice cubes in the freezer.

That's right, if you just put whipped cream in the freezer, it turns into ice cream! And if you have leftover cookies that went tragically stale, you can turn them into a cookie crumb crust and then unite everything into a pie!

Getting all the ingredients measured and then put into the mixing bowl is the absolute hardest part of making one of these pies.

From there, you only have to run the mixer for a little bit (be sure to stop the beaters as soon as the cream is whipped, or you will get little curds of butter). You now have the ice cream ready to go into the pie!

After this, you simply put it into the pie crust and leave it in the freezer overnight. I would like to point out that if you're not baking the pie crust, you don't even need to turn on the oven or a stove burner to make this. So, as the heat worsens, the lower-effort graham cracker or cookie crumb crust is also the better choice to lighten the load on your air conditioner (or the tireless fan in the window). Also, from previous experience, a "proper" baked pie crust is really hard to hack through with a knife after you freeze it. So if you use a crumb crust, you'll save time while making this and also be able to actually cut the pie rather than chiseling it apart.

After just a night in the freezer, extra ingredients and everything that would have expired on us has become a beautiful ice cream pie!

Obviously you can fancy this up in a million different ways (here is the time we did this with strawberries). But the point is that if you want this done very simply, you can!

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