Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thanksgiving greetings from A Book of Cookrye!

 Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at A Book of Cookrye! This is usually one of the best holidays for those of us who like to cook- there's finally people to eat all the roasts and pies! But this year, due to a light bit of plague, everyone with sense is staying home. At least we can electronically get together with everyone- it's not the same, but it's better than being completely alone. We at A Book of Cookrye love making pies- they're the perfect intersection of craft project and edible delights. But there are only three people in the house, flour and butter are scarce commodities, and we already have a lot of hams in the freezer to eat before we even think about making more leftovers. The grocery stores were all but giving them away, and meat is usually expensive these days. 

Anyway, our usual self-baked Thanksgiving feast has been a bit reduced this year. Rather than an entire parade of pies, we had...

I unwrapped it myself.

It's a bit anticlimactic, but that is where we are this year. 

Remember to wear masks in public to shield your lovely faces from what's floating in the air! Call your nearest and dearest instead of driving or flying to them, and hopefully next year we can have our I've-been-watching-what-I-eat-all-year-and-can't-stand-the-wait-anymore favorites.

If you like fruit and cheese, try cranberry sauce on top of macaroni.

Stay safe and stay home, everyone! Think of it as a year off from putting on a Big Holiday if it helps. That's a whole month of doing whatever you'd have done if you didn't have to drag Christmas out of the attic and closets and reassemble it yet again.

In engineering school, we often don't say "Have a good day" because asking an engineering student to have an entire good day can be a bit of a tall order. So, like so many people in engineering school, we will instead say "Have a good one." Maybe it's a good millisecond. Maybe it's a good minute. Maybe it's a good song you let finish before you get out the car. Whatever timespan is feasible to you, have a good one.