Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A friendly reminder from all of us at A Book of Cookrye

I don't usually do any public political stumping, but this for the sake of the Internet. And honestly, the Internet should not be at risk of being tied up in political and bureaucratic matters.
Having spent spent the earlier part of my life without it, I have witnessed just how much it has changed our lives.  The Internet is still an open resource, available to nearly everyone in the world. It has allowed more cross-cultural exchange than anyone could have imagined even 20 years ago when it first became ubiquitous. We can reach out to people across the planet from us and they can answer in fewer than ten seconds. We have access to all manner of entertainment and information from everywhere in the world, all sent to us as easily as we can seek it out. The last thing we need is to lose this amazing resource as we know it. It would set us back decades and leave us even more broke (in the middle of a recession that has allegedly ended).
Please learn more and take action here, even if all you can do is sign the letter. This affects everyone using the Internet to do anything. Like I said, I don't usually discuss politics publicly because that invites more invective than discourse. But I feel the Internet shouldn't be stuck in politics.
Even if you're one of the approximately 95% of the people in the world who live outside the United States, chances are a lot of sites you visit run their data through here. All right, I'm done being serious.

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