Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hump-Day Quickie: Rose Snow

Some of you may have picked up on how excited we at A Book of Cookrye get about snow. Yes, it makes driving a frightening experience (incredibly, people still didn't put their phones down!). And yes, it shuts things down a lot. But still- it's snow!
We had scooped some up and frozen it. As much as we'd like to save it for when it's really hot out, the freezer has little reliability. Therefore, let us enjoy it before it becomes a sad pan of melted water!

This has just a smidge of a capful of rose water (which is surprisingly concentrated) and enough sugar to make it sweet. It also is astonishingly delicious. When a friend of mine tried some, her eyes lit up and she said "This is the best stuff on Earth!"

Happy springtime, everyone!

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