Thursday, January 29, 2015

Announcing a special Book of Cookrye giveaway!

This Christmas, I made little homemade recipe books for everyone, and I still have the test copy with me. I've been wondering what to do with it now that I have given them all away. I couldn't bring myself to throw it out. So, this could be yours!

You may be thinking "Whyever would I want that cookbook? Most of the recipes are already on this site which I am looking at right now!" And you have a valid point (although there are a few recipes not up here). But if you find having printed books so much more satisfying, here y'are!

Hand-bound with the finest kite string and covered in the best wood from a theater department's scrap heap with a lovely flower design from a piece of 1925 sheet music on the front (plus a random arc which is meant to be there and not at all due to mis-positioning the book when I first tried to burn the flower on), this book has recipes for all these lovely things!

In addition, it has three photographs taken by me, two of which from when I was attempting to be a serious photographer! There's the bird stamped on the bottom of a bottle when you open the cover, and two people I met in New Orleans on the inside. Plus one I texted to my sister to show her I'm using the rolling pin she gave me. (See? Drinkware, people eating, making food. It's all quite thematic.)
Why yes, I did use the flower between recipes. I like the flower a lot.

You may be wondering how to get this book. Well, as previously mentioned, I have a lot of frozen bananas and need to find something to do with them. Send in a banana recipe! It can be one you've had around that you really like, or it can be one in a cookbook of yours that looks absolutely awful in an entertainingly frightening way which you've always wondered how it would come out. We welcome non-banana recipes as well if there's one you'd like to send in. You can email it to or leave it in the comments. Please stick to the following:

*Please send in a recipe you already have. If I want recipes that turn up from an online search, I can find them. I want something that's not easily available online.

*Keep the ingredients list cheap.

*Please be in the continental United States or help out with shipping. Once you go beyond that, shipping gets pricey. Although if you're willing to help out with shipping charges, I can send it anywhere in the world.

*Send in recipes by February 28, 2015.


  1. I want it!
    I know just the recipe card to take a picture of to send you.

  2. I've got one for you: Banana Pancakes. It's not what you're thinking.


    1 mushy banana
    2 eggs
    Butter for your griddle

    Blend ingredients together until REALLY well mixed. (You may even want to use a blender.) Pour mixture over hot, buttered griddle. Cook until done.

    This is a recipe I heard through a friend of a friend who was on... some diet or another. Paleo? Gluten free? It sound slightly terrifying to me. It's the simplest recipe in the world, so it was easy to spread by word of mouth, but I just can't picture how these would look or taste! I know cooking straight-up banana isn't terribly uncommon. Fried bananas are a thing, right? But this seems to me like it'd be verging on a banana omelette, or even, like, fried baby food... especially with no flour or sugar or anything to cut the eggs with. I'm slightly horrified. But on the other hand, I do loves me some bananas, so maybe it's actually good? I'm too scared to try it myself. So I pass it off on a more adventurous chef!

    1. Thank you for the... interesting... recipe! I'm fatalistically curious enough to try it.