Friday, January 23, 2015

Limoncello, or Patience is a Virgin (who waits for alcohol)

Happy Friday from all of us at A Book of Cookrye! Today we're going to Mike's kitchen to start something that will take a month. You see, Mike (who has been here twice previously) went to Italy over the summer to visit his relatives. Naturally, having had the privilege of having Italian food made by Italians and liking to cook himself, he brought home a lot of really good recipes. Or so he's claimed- I haven't seen any of them. However, what stood out to him the most out of his entire visit was alcohol. Therefore, the first thing we're making (well, starting) is limoncello. He has really fond memories of the stuff, so much so that he bought all these lemons to peel. I've never had any, but he's just so excited about it.
He actually did most of the peeling himself before I got to his domicile.

Here I must unpin my hat so I may remove it to Mike. I have made little secret of my store-brand and clearance-bin buying ways. However, Mike has outdone me in that field by finding store-brand vodka.
Since you're doubtlessly wondering, it doesn't sting like the cheap stuff but you wouldn't feel guilty mixing it with things.

The lemon peels are to be soaked in vodka for a whole month in a cool, dark, place. If they didn't apparently have the same problem with sunlight that I do, I'd have left them out on the table as a decoration.

However, like me, the sun is evil and does them no favors. Therefore, they went into the closet. Meanwhile, Mike and I feasted on the last of my brother's wedding cake from last April. By which I mean the last of it that we didn't see in the freezer when we sent the massive leftover hunks of it to his apartment.

frozen leftover wedding cake
It looked better the day of.

The limoncello-to-be is in the closet, and we'll see what happens in a month or so!

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