Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving is this week!

I don't know about you, but Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. All of my relatives get together, and all you need to do is bring food. It's the last day before Christm-- er, The Holiday Shopping Season officially begins, although I saw displays going up in stores months ago. You'd think no one ever went to a store for any reason but to shop for Christm--- er, Holiday, the stores depend on it so. (Although if you're going to depend on Christmas, is it really so hard to name it rather than calling it The Holiday? And don't try to tell me they're being inclusive of other religions. They may have a token menorah and Kwanzaa candleholder buried in the back, but its all Santa Clauses plus some nativities to pretend they're being pious.)
Anyway, I thought I'd list the things I think would be good to bring for Thanksgiving for whosoever would like to get ideas. Plus, since they're from someone who's always broke, nothing here'll set you back all that much!

As for me, I'm about to make a lot of pies.
Anyway, for who might soever still seek recipes and ideas for this Thanksgiving (or might be planning Christmas already), here are some more ideas!

After all the gut-bombing cream sauces and butter, this'll be really nice to have on the table for everyone. It's light in calories without being punitively healthy. I'm probably going to make this a lot over the next month or so.

You promised to bring something and still have no idea what. Buy some egg noodles and some shredded cheese, and you've got yourself covered.
 I admit it's not what we usually have in my family, but that's because it is generally 5 or so Kraft boxes which are then put in a pan and briefly introduced into the oven.
This recipe is just two ingredients, and everyone will be so amazed because it's real cheese! 

Super easy, and you can pretend for a moment you're being healthy.

It's just as easy as the corn syrup version, and so much better! 

A dessert recipe from a Louisiana Junior League cookbook. You'd have a hard time coming up with something better.

You know, after all the heavy desserts on top of heavy foods, these light airy things may be just perfect. If you have a stand mixer, they're not much work. If you have a hand mixer, you'll burn off any calories you'd get eating them.

Lacks in presentation, but is really tasty. Rolls are going to seriously be on sale anyway. Throw this together before you get dressed to leave, and it'll be out of the oven about when you need to head out the door.

It's like making cookies, but you just put the dough into one pan instead of pulling batch after batch of cookies out of the oven. Also, I've made these a few times since and people always like them a lot. Plus, they have no butter so they'll be easy on people who just had a massive dinner.

Rich, dark, and delicious. Also a cinch. There's a reason someone wrote this one down in the back of a cookbook.

Short on ingredients, easy, tasty, and you get to add random colors to make them look snazzy!

Have you ever had blondies? If you haven't, they're like brownies but brown sugar-y and butterscotch-y. These are basically blondies in cookie form, meaning you can just set them on a plate and not have to worry about serving utensils. Also, since it's icebox cookie dough, you can mix it a couple of days ahead and bake it right before Thanksgiving so they're fresh!

Little individual honey pies? Awesomeness!

Everyone I know likes peanut butter cookies, yet these hardly ever show up at Thanksgiving. Why not be the one who brings them? (If you really feel like going all-out, make them on a waffle iron and then have them hot with ice cream on top!)

This is easy and everyone likes it. The rye-honey crust adds a really nice kick to it, but it's also really good with a plain crust.

Photo source: Caker Cooking
Chess Pie
The Pieathlon may have yielded me, to put it graciously, an unforgettable experience, but the one I submitted (which Brian of Caker Cooking made) was a delicious one which I've made every year. Do try it!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! If you don't celebrate it, or if you celebrate it on a different day (Hi, Canada!), then have a good Thursday!

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